by Josh Hathaway

It's time once again for the Blues Power Ranking 6-Pack, a feature within the feature that is Verse Chorus Verse. You know what the news is. This is the analysis portion of our program wherein I help you find the best of the best. Here are six songs from six albums on the Blues Power Rankings, the best source of what's hot at blues radio...

1. Rob Stone - "Dragon Killers" - Back Around Here: Rob Stone resists the temptation to weigh his songs down with self-indulgent solos, so an instrumental track like "Dragon Killers" is a welcome inclusion on the record. On "Dragon Killers," the dam breaks and Stone puts his signature harp sound front and center.

2. Rob Stone - “Give Me Time:” This is a sweet version of a lesser-known Magic Sam tune that Rob and the guys absolutely nail. Legendary drummer Sam Lay forms a deep, deep pocket with rhythm-mates bassist Patrick Rynn and pianist David Maxwell, creating a rich groove. Chris James' guitar tone pairs itself perfectly to the song's rhythm and style. It's R&B channeled through Chicago and it's going to make you dance.